8 Ways to Celebrate The Nativity Of The Immaculate Virgin

Merry second Christmas, everyone!

Today, the Blessed Day wherein was Born The Immaculate Mother Of God, should not just pass by like any ordinary Feast day.

You should tremble at the fact that unworthy you, stands on the same Earth which She walked over!

Here are 8 Ways to make September 8, The Day of Salvation (after Christmas) a Feast you’ll never forget!

A few of these you may remember from A few Ways to Celebrate St. Anne’s Feast, but by Her Mercy, there are new ones too.

1. Go to The Holy Mass

Many Traditional Churches will have a High Mass, so do not hesitate going.

Going to Holy Mass, and receiving Jesus, on a day most close to His Heart… What better gift can you give Our Immaculate Mother?

Plus you get to go to Confession and repent for the sins you’ve committed. This is the greatest gift you can give Mum today.

2. Recite The Holy Rosary

Try doing the 15 Decade Rosary today.

If you’re going to pray the 15 Decade Rosary throughout the day; a decade when you wake up, after breakfast and so on, it will help you keep your mind on The Solemn Feast today.

Since it is a very speacial day, give it a try. If you don’t even pray The Holy Rosary daily, then at least try praying one entire (5 Decade) Rosary today. Please.

3. Make or renew a Consecration

If you already haven’t (or it’s been a long time since you have) make a new Consecration to The Immaculate Virgin.

Give Her the gift of yourself, on Her Birthday.

You should also renew a major Consecration you made today. What a wonderful Day to also renew your spirit in the service of God And His Immaculate Mother!

4. Sing for Your Mother

Singing “Happy Birthday” to Your Immaculate Mother is one of the most sweetest child-like ways you can celebrate Her Birthday.

But if you want to do something greater, sing some Gregorian chants to Her.

I highly recommend the “Square Note” app. It was a gift to me from St. Joseph. Really, I discovered the app, after my Consecration to Him. And it has been helping me learn and sing Gregorian chants ever since!

5. Read about Her

I’d recommend you read the “Examples” section in St. Alphonsus Liguori’s Glories Of Mary. Those true stories really move you and will help foster a greater and tender love for your Immaculate Mother.

Whether you read the entire “Glories Of Mary” or read a chapter from “The Mystical City of God”, make sure you learn something new about Your Queen.

If you have kids, tell them a story from The Bible or a good Marian Book and teach them about how important God’s Mother Is in our Salvation, and foster in them too, a devotion to Her.

Take this from one who has experienced this: the greatest inheritance you can leave your children is a love for This Immaculate Queen. Even if, when they grow up, they forget about Her and God altogether, She wouldn’t forget them.

And on their deathbed, She will pray for them, like they asked Her to, when in their childhood years, they said “Holy Mary, Mother Of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.”

6. Flowers

Get some flowers today for your Immaculate Mother. If you cannot buy some, try finding some in your garden; or bring out the creative kid in you and simply make Her a bouquet of flowers out of paper.

You can place your bouquet in front of a Statue or Image of Our Lady.

Sometimes if the above cannot be done (if you don’t have flowers in your garden, can’t go out to buy them, or cannot make some), give your Mom a Spiritual Bouquet.

A devoutly-said Rosary, or some works of Mercy, offer them up to your Heavenly Mother during your evening prayer.

7. Party!

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, do something that would make the entire day festive and memorable.

Have a fancy dinner, decorate the house, make Christmas cookies, (most importantly) bake a cake. It is the Second Christmas, right?

You’ve got an entire Octave ahead, so don’t take down the decorations too soon.

If you have little children, this would be a great way of giving them an easier and fun way to love the Faith. They’d never forget this day and (as stressed above) it will only help foster their Devotion To Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope – Our Salvation after God.

8. Starting a new Devotion

Today you can renew some Holy resolutions you forget way back in January.

You may add something new into your spiritual life. Increase your mental prayer time (or start doing mental prayer, if you already haven’t), start doing 45 minutes of Spiritual reading everyday, add a new Devotion to your prayer routine (like The Litany of The Sacred Heart or The Litany of Loreto). Start The Devotion To The Holy Face (available on Sensus Fidelium).

Make sure you take something from this day that would actually benefit your soul.

Today should be one of the happiest days of your life. Today is The Birthday Of Her, Whose “Fiat” brought down God from Heaven and allowed Him to take the Form of a Servant for our Salvation.

The Saints truly called this day, “The Day of Salvation”. Do not miss out on the Graces God provides today.

But above all, honor today your Mother, without Whom, you never would’ve had life or mercy from The Lord, Who choose to depend upon Her for His taking up of our Human Nature.

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